What Is A Buyer Persona And Why Does It Matter?


If you know your marketing stuff, you may have heard the term ‘buyer persona’ before. Perhaps you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, and if this is one of the many new marketing buzz words right now.

Well, according to HubSpot, using buyer personas can make websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use for targeted users.

Also, a case study conducted by MarketingSherpa found that buyer personas helped reach a 900% increase in the length of visit, a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue, a 111% increase in email open rate, and a 100% increase in the number of pages visited.

Wow, right? Forget old, outdated marketing profiles, buyer personas are what every marketer really needs right now.

But if those impressive stats still haven’t quite blown you over yet, let’s take a look at why you most definitely need to flesh out your buyer personas, sooner than later.


What is a buyer persona?

First things first. What exactly is a buyer persona? 

Simply put, a buyer persona is a research-based profile that represents an ideal customer. It describes who they are, what challenges they face and how they make decisions.

They say if you want something, you need to define exactly what you’re after so that you can plan how to get there. That’s exactly why it’s important for any business to spend time defining buyer personas.

Often mistaken as customer profiles or marketing personas, your buyer persona is a much more detailed, accurate account of who your customer is. And they’re crucial for helping businesses understand, empathise and serve their customers better.

Buyer personas are an important part of any inbound marketing strategy as they help define who your ideal audience is so that you can nurture them into leads

Essentially, when creating buyer personas, you’re creating a profile of your existing and prospective customers, so that you can tailor your marketing efforts to speak directly to them. You’ll use your detailed buyer personas to take your audience on a personalised journey that they will love, appreciate and enjoy, in the ultimate hopes that they’ll convert. Then you can ensure that all your marketing activities are serving your customers and tailored towards their needs.


What are some the benefits of buyer personas?

Other than what we’ve already mentioned, one of the best benefits of having a buyer persona is that it will help you gain valuable insights on an audience as time goes by. You can develop your buyer personas as your business runs and you get to know how they interact with your business best. This way, you can ensure that marketing, sales, support and product development departments are all aligned and guided by who you are serving in the business.

Use your buyer personas to:

  • Develop products based on their needs
  • Understand the language that they use for better interaction
  • Nurture your leads in relation to their behaviour
  • Build effective content and inbound marketing strategies tailored to their interests
  • Engage effectively with community management on social channels
  • Refresh any team on who the business is serving

Your personas allow you to discover the most you can about a particular audience and consider how they perceive your business, as well as allow you to show up in the way they prefer.


How can I create a buyer persona for my business?

A fully-fleshed out buyer persona should incorporate both internal and external research. That’s why we recommend partnering with an inbound marketing agency, like us, to get the most accurate persona.

But where do you start?

You want to show your potential customers that you understand them by addressing their problems or needs, as only then will they be open to exploring your business. But that means understanding their problems in the first place.

Let’s start small.

First, choose one target audience and begin to flesh out what you already know about them. Then create a research plan that will allow you to discover more about them. This should include some qualitative research too, and that means creating a list of questions that you can use to interview your ideal customer.

You’re going to want to build your personas on a one-page document – precise but detailed. This way you can easily print it out or pull it up as a reference when needed.

It’s important to remember that your buyer persona can evolve and be enhanced as you learn more about your customers. This could even mean talking with customers and asking them to complete surveys. For more detail on how to build buyer personas, read our Ultimate Guide To Creating Buyer Personas.


Final thoughts

Using buyer personas to enhance your business is a no-brainer. Creating buyer personas, and using them to consistently guide your business, can help keep your business centred around the needs of your customers. But it takes the right kind of specialists to understand your business and do so.

Chat to us about how we can create the right buyer personas for your business. Book a meeting with us to discuss some of your marketing challenges, and we’ll let you know how our team of HubSpot experts can help.

Written by Kirsti Rivett

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